Wyldes Noyse

Members of Wyldes Noyse and associated bands play the following instruments:

Lizzie Gutteridge - soprano, alto & tenor shawms, recorders, crumhorn, bagpipe, symphony, viella, rebec, renaissance fiddle, modern violin and viola, harp, lute, gittern antique C clarinet, antique Bb clarinet, modern Bb clarinet, gamelan, steel pans, African drums, guitar.

Chris Gutteridge - cornett, lysard (tenor cornett), French church serpent, English military serpent, soprano and alto shawms, crumhorn, medieval slide trumpet, sackbut, antique narrow-bore tenor trombone, antique G bass trombone, modern tenor and bass trombones, cittern, gittern, lute, fiddle, viola, guitar.

Richard Blake - bagpipes (various nationalities and periods), rauchpfife, alto shawm, recorders, tabor pipe, renaissance flutes, antique flute and piccolo, Norfolk dulcimer.

Deb Cooper - soprano shawm, renaissance bagpipe, recorders, modern oboe, modern flute.

Jayne Thomas - percussion, alto saxophone, antique C melody saxophone.

Peter Threlfall - violin

Vina Threlfall - violin & viola

Members of the Colchester Waits play shawms, sackbuts, slide trumpet, gemshorn, shallemo and recorders.

For pictures and videos of some of our instruments, visit the Instruments section of our Educational Resources.