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Wooden Tableware

I grew up in a house full of rare and ancient wooden items. My grandfather, Allan Jobson, had his own private museum and wrote a book called "Household and Country Crafts" which is now sadly out of print. The items illustrated in that book were distributed throughout the house and in the garden shed. Some of these have become the inspiration for my wooden bowls, plates and spoons. I think that it is a shame that such items have dropped out of kitchen and table use for no really good reason, and so make them in such a way that they can be used if desired. They are particularly suited to use by historical re-enactors. I eat my breakfast out of a wooden bowl every day and when playing music in the summer I often drink out of my own wooden cup.

Care Instructions

Bowls and trenchers can simply be rinsed under the tap, preferably with tepid or cold water and no detergent.
Not dishwasher safe.

My Current Price List
All tableware is made out of native English or European hardwoods.

Wooden spoons, various woods

7.5 inches long

£25.00 each


Small plates, currently limewood

6.5 inches diameter

£15.00 each

Small bowls, sycamore

5.5 inches diameter

£25.00 each

Medium bowls, ash

7inches diameter

£40.00 each

Large bowls, cherry

8 inches diameter

£48.00 each

Beech plates

7.75 inches diameter

£30.00 each

Elm or ash plates

8.5 inches diameter

£20.00 each

Sycamore plates

9.5 inches diameter

£25.00 each

Sycamore plates

8 inches diameter

£20.00 each

Candle sticks


from £35.00 each

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